ProText Kinetic 2 - Typography Creation Tool for Final Cut Pro X - Pixel Film Studios- WebTv

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ProText: Kinetic 2
Typography Creation Tools for FCPX
ProText Kinetic 2 is a set of typography creation tools made exclusively for use in Final Cut Pro X. This dynamic set of tools allows video editors to create interactive text videos with complete control over animation speed, animation type (by character, by word, by line), and animation spread. Jump, fly, spin, rotate, fade, slide, spring, and unmask text with over 40 completely customizable text presets. Best of all, ProText Kinetic 2 requires no keyframes. Simply drag, drop, and create!
Over 40 Dynamic Presets
ProText Kinetic 2 features 40 dynamic animation presets that are ready for use in Final Cut Pro X. Choose from fading, springing, sliding, jumping, rotating, flipping, flying, and jiggling animations. Easily create interactive text videos without having to set a single keyframe with Pixel Film Studios