ProIntro Accent - Minimalistic Introductions for Final Cut Pro X - Pixel Film Studios- WebTv

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ProIntro: Accent
Minimalistic Introductions for FCPX
ProIntro: Accent is a set of 30 self-animating titles featuring minamlistic designs. ProIntro presets instantly adds a clean and simplistic opener to any Final Cut Pro X production. Choose from a multitude of designs with varying accented animations. ProIntro: Accent also features amazing blur controls to create greater contrast between title elements and the background.
30 Accented Styles
ProIntro: Accent comes packed with 30 self-animating presets. Choose from various styles with accented animations, rigid boxes, simplistic lines, and more. Using ProIntro is extremely easy. Drag a preset into the FCPX timeline, stylize the text, and reorient using on-screen controls. ProIntro will do the rest.
Versatile Design
ProIntro: Accent