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Welcome to a Final Cut Pro X lesson from Pixel Film Studios.
In this lesson, we will show you some tips on how to make FCPX run more smoothly when working with advanced graphics and effects.
It is always a good idea to turn off background rendering when using effects to limit the amount of math your computer has to do. 
You can do this by going to the Final Cut Pro menu.
Click on Preferences.
Select Playback and uncheck the background rendering box.
If your project is running slow in FCPX, it is a good idea to use PROXY media which is a low res copy of all your media files
You can make PROXY media by selecting this option in the Viewer Display Options menu .
Remember to revert your media back to Optimized/Original before you export to make your media hi res again
When using advanced graphics, it is a good idea to start and dedicate a project to this graphic
Edit and customize the graphic in this project and then export it.
Bring the exported .mov file into your larger project
It is a good idea to delete your render files every once in awhile to clear disk space and remove bad renders.
Go to the File menu in FCPX.
Select “Delete Project Render Files,” and click OK

Deleting render files will NOT damage your project.
You will just need to re-render the timeline later on.